As a responsible economic stakeholder of Picardy Wallonia, IDETA has prioritised increasing renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency.

    Limited company, energy subsidiary of IDETA. ELSA was established in 2010 and equips the communes and economic infrastructures of renewable energy production facilities. Its objective is twofold: successfully manage Picardy Wallonia’s energy transition by reducing the ecological footprint of the economic boom we promote, and guarantee affiliated communes a recurring and sustainable ROI through the management of a diversified portfolio of energy investments.

    Originally created to implement industrial wind farms in conjunction with Picardy Wallonia’s areas of economic activity, ELSA today operates turbines on the Leuze-Europe business park. Other wind projects are under development, notably at Péruwelz and the Tournai-Oeust business park.

    ELSA has diversified its activities by incorporating a biomethanisation unit project (under examination) and hydrokinetic, hydroelectric and cogeneration projects. To promote green mobility, ELSA is developing a network of natural gas service stations in Wallonia and is managing a network of electric vehicle recharging stations.

    All projects are led by ELSA directly or indirectly through project companies created with industry partners.

    The General Assembly

    The General Assembly of ELSA meets once per financial year and is composed of representatives of WAPINVEST and IDETA . The directors of IDETA are invited to the General Assembly.

    The Board of Directors

    ELSA SA is managed by the Board of Directors and is composed of 9 members :

    Pierre WACQUIER, President of IDETA, President of ELSA
    Benoît DESCHAMPS, Vice-president of IDETA
    François OTTEN, Director of IDETA
    Florine PARY-MILLE, Vice-president of IDETA
    Roger VANDERSTRAETEN, Vice-president of IDETA
    Christophe BONCHOUX,  Director Business Services IDETA
    Olivier BONTEMS,  Director Equipment, Investments and Energy   IDETA – Delegated Administrator of ELSA
    Pierre VANDEWATTYNE, General Manager IDETA –  Delegated Administrator of ELSA

    Dominique Pattyn, Director of WAPINVEST

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