Les missions et valeurs d'IDETA

    Our mission

    Our mission
    Our mission

    Your ambition, our challenge

    Supporting Picardy Wallonia’s economic development for more than 25 years, the regional development agency IDETA is the preferred partner of municipalities and businesses.

    IDETA offers services and property solutions tailored to the needs of businesses and investors, as well as targeted and personalised support for the establishment and deployment of business projects. The agency also supports communes in their urban renewal and rural development projects, and promotes the economic potential of tourism in Picardy Wallonia by developing its heritage and its landscapes.

    Keen to develop services in the community, IDETA manages Les Blancs Arbres crematorium in Hacquegnies (Frasnes-lez-Anvaing), as well as a network of children’s homes located in the heart of the region’s business parks.

    As a responsible economic stakeholder of Picardy Wallonia, IDETA has prioritised increasing renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency, in order to successfully manage the region’s energy transition and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Through its subsidiary ELSA which is active in the production of renewable energy, the agency has included in its action plan its willingness to initiate investments that generate value for Picardy Wallonia so as to deploy a renewable energy mix in the area and guarantee a recurring, sustainable return on investment for municipalities and their inhabitants.

    Our strategy is in line with the Picardy Wallonia 2025 Regional Project backed by the development council (which IDETA is involved in) which partly aims to make Picardy Wallonia a region of excellence in environmental matters. Our commitment supports the ambitious Picardy Wallonia 2025 Regional Project. Backed by Picardy Wallonia’s development council, it is our roadmap for coherent, specific action to enhance the region’s attractiveness.

    Our challenge is to offer Picardy Wallonia’s inhabitants a prosperous region where it’s good to live and work.


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