Les partenaires d'IDETA

Our partners

Our partners
Our partners


IDETA’s range of actions is broad, multidisciplinary and multisectoral. Our teams conduct coherent, specific action to enhance Picardy Wallonia’s development and attractiveness. However, we cannot see through our many missions without the multiple partnerships across our region and the cross-border and cross-regional area at the heart of which we are active.

In real terms, IDETA works closely with other economic operators of Picardy Wallonia and Wallonia which work on behalf of business and development in various spheres of activity.

Most of our missions are part of development policies decided in Wallonia and financed or co-financed by the Walloon government. This leads IDETA’s agents and teams to build close relationships with governments, offices and competent ministers in the south of the country.

IDETA is also part of the nonprofit organisation “Wallonie Développement”, whose objective is to ensure the consistency and cohesion of actions performed by the seven inter-municipal agencies across Wallonia. IDETA is an important go-between in relationships with regional departments in charge of matters handled by development agencies.

IDETA is an active member of Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis management bodies and leads several thematic working groups regulating reflections and projects across the three regions.