Bâtiment CITé de l'Agence de Développement Territorial

Our structure

Our structure
Our structure

As a territorial development agency of Picardy Wallonia, IDETA is a technical and operational tool serving municipalities and businesses. The agency is a public company controlled by several governing bodies whose competencies and prerogatives are determined by the Walloon Code of Local Democracy – CWaDEL – (or CDLD L1523-7 to L1523-18) and by the Companies Code (Title II – Articles 390 to 434).

The General Assembly

Composed of five representatives for each affiliated municipality, the General Assembly is responsible for decisions such as amending statutes, approving accounts and action plans or even appointing directors. It meets twice per financial year, in June and December.

The Board of Directors

Despite IDETA’S 100% public status, its Board of Directors has been opened to representatives from entrepreneurial and trade union circles. It consists of 30 members, of whom 23 come from Picardy Wallonia municipal councils. It has sole responsibility for defining IDETA’s general guidelines, strategy and management for it to perform its mission.

Composition of the Board of Directors IDETA 2017

The Executive Committee

The Steering Committee in charge of IDETA’s day-to-day management.

Composition :

Pierre Vandewattyne, General Manager
Christophe Bonchoux, Director Business Services
Olivier Bontems, Director Equipment, Investments and Energy
Nicolas Plouvier, Director Territorial Development and Municipalities Services

History – A few key dates…

1991 – Creation of the inter-municipal economic development agencies in the districts of Tournai, Ath and surrounding municipalities (IDETA).

2000 – Recognition of tourist office and creation of the “tourism” sector.

2004 – Merger-absorption by IDETA of inter-municipal nature parks (PNPC, PNPE) and the Western Hainaut inter-municipal financing agency (IFHO). Creation of “nature parks” and “investments” sectors within IDETA.

2006 – Creation of the Picardy Wallonia Development Board.

2008 – Creation of the activities sub-sector “sustainable energy” within the “investments” sector, prior to infrastructural projects on green energy production by IDETA. Creation of the public limited company. ELSA, energy subsidiary of IDETA.

2010 – Opening of the Les Blancs Arbres crematorium in Hacquegnies.

2011 – IDETA is 20 years old. Inauguration of a 10 wind turbine park in Leuze.

2014 – Inauguration of the new IDETA headquarters.