Services aux citoyens

Services for citizens

Services for citizens
Services for citizens


Directly involved in the development of their area, the citizens of Picardy Wallonia are also an asset to it. Every day, the IDETA teams get right alongside municipalities and companies to offer Picardy Wallonia’s inhabitants a prosperous region where it’s good to live and work.

IDETA regularly organises public information meetings for the inhabitants of Picardy Wallonia. The purpose of these meetings is to better identify citizens’ needs and concerns and review the development of projects sponsored by the agency.


Bébé Boulot, a network of four crèches

Keen to develop a range of services for the community, IDETA has created a network of children’s homes in the heart of the region’s business parks in close proximity to businesses and parents working there.

Run by the nonprofit organisation Bébé Boulot, the four crèches are located in modern, sustainable buildings and offer 116 hosting sites.


THE crematorium ‘Les Blancs Arbres’

Open to the different rites, forms of worship and wishes of the deceased, the crematorium ‘Les Blancs Arbres’ (Frasnes-lez-Anvaing) offers a qualitative, human response to cremation needs. The architectural quality of the premises, their integration into the landscape and the quality of support offered help families maintain their sense of calm in their loss.

The  crematorium ‘Les Blancs Arbres’ is managed through the Westlede (Lochristi) intercommunal partership. Incorporating cross-regional and cross-border dynamics, its design focuses on the values of public interest, ethics and respect for the environment.

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Green Mobility

IDETA has prioritised increasing renewable energy sources in order to successfully manage Picardy Wallonia’s energy transition.

To promote green mobility, we encourage the development of alternative fuels which are less polluting than conventional ones, such as compressed natural gas (CNG) and electricity.

Do you want to operate on CNG? IDETA has developed a network of natural gas service stations in Wallonia to let you fill up in your area.

Do you own an electric car? Charging stations are available in Picardy Wallonia’s municipalities and urban business parks.




Tourist board of Picardy Wallonia

A partner of IDETA, the Tourist Board of Picardy Wallonia is in charge of development and the promotion of tourism in the region.

Naturally close, Picardy Wallonia is located between Lille and Brussels and at the doors of the Flemish Ardennes. It stands out from other regions by its very dense Hiking networks: 1600 km of network cycling node points & 700 km of walks.

Between walks, heritage, parks and gardens, gastronomy and festive entertainment, ideas for discovery as a couple, with family or friends are plentiful!

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