Services aux communes

Services for municipalities

Services for municipalities
Services for municipalities

Sustainable, attractive towns and villages

IDETA uses its teams’ technical skills to assist municipalities in their land-use planning, urban planning, rural development or mobility programmes.

Our teams contribute to the long-term vision and territorial coherence of town and village projects. They ensure harmonious and balanced development by involving public and private stakeholders.

From improving the integration of heritage and tourist features into urban structures, to improving the quality of facilities, to revitalising village centres, our partnership with municipalities reinforces the attractiveness of the entire region!


Tourism and recreation, drivers of the economy in Picardy Wallonia

Natural and festive, Picardy Wallonia is a wide green plain with remarkable landscapes. This land of folklore and culture is adorned with jewels of heritage and culture; many festive events punctuate the seasons.

IDETA has recognised tourism engineering expertise alongside public and private operators in the development of tourism and leisure facilities and sites so as to enhance Picardy Wallonia’s heritage and landscape.


Renewable energy

We develop wind farms near our main business parks and power our economic infrastructures with photovoltaic panels and domestic wind turbines. A biomethanation project is being considered. Our goal is to reduce the environmental footprint of the economic expansion we promote.

The production of green energy allows us to guarantee the municipalities and inhabitants of Picardy Wallonia a recurring and sustainable return on investment.


For A greener mobility

The energy transition also requires the development of alternative fuels which are less polluting than conventional ones. IDETA is developing a network of natural gas service stations in Picardy Wallonia in collaboration with ENGIE Electrabel and G&V Energy Group. Charging stations for electric cars are located in the municipalities and the Picardy Wallonia business parks.

We provide methodological support to municipalities which have signed the Covenant of Mayors as part of the “Picardy Wallonia positive energy” process. Picardy Wallonie’s communes are thus individually committed to reducing their CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020 by implementing a Sustainable Energy Action Plan coordinated by IDETA.